Après le départ d'EIIL, le CCM est venu en aide

Le CCM finance un projet de distribution d'urgence d'eau pour 10 000 familles dans la ville iraquienne de Qayyara et les environs après que les résidents ont été libérés d'EIIL en août 2016.

Pendant deux ans, les habitants de Qayyara ont souffert sous le siège du groupe de militants islamistes, qui se sont emparés des maisons et des possessions, ont appliqué une tenue vestimentaire stricte, ont restreint l'accès au monde extérieur et ont emprisonné, torturé ou assassiné ceux qui violaient leurs lois ou s'opposaient à leur domination.

Gagner sa liberté a toutefois un prix.

Comment cela fonctionne : Plus que des tuyaux et des pompes

Derrière chaque projet réussi de distribution d'eau se trouvent des efforts pour établir des partenariats et des liens communautaires qui doivent être bâtis avec autant de soin que les tuyaux et les pompes.

Lorsque Zamzam Ahmad, 46 ans, s'est enfuie de la Syrie pour se réfugier dans la ville libanaise de Yater, elle a mis les pieds dans un dilemme en devenir depuis des années.

How it works: More than pipes and pumps

Behind each successful water project are efforts to build partnerships and community ties that must be put together with as much care as pipes and pumps.

When 46-year-old Zamzam Ahmad fled from Syria to the Lebanese town of Yater, she stepped into a dilemma years in the making.

After the town’s water system was damaged during the Lebanon-Israeli war of 2006, water lines were rebuilt suspended from electric poles, a makeshift solution to try to get water into the community from a local well.

Stories from Nepal: A Brown Bag Lunch

Bring your own lunch on March 30 from noon till 1:00 pm and hear from Durga Sunchiuri from MCC Nepal.

Durga joined MCC in January 2015 and works in community development with a focus on sustainable livelihoods, peace, health and education. He was a first responder following the April 2015 earthquake working to bring relief to rural communities and continues to be involved in the recovery.

Durga will share stories of relief and development in Nepal.

Can't attend in person? Watch live

Naomi's Colouring Recital

When Naomi Martin was 3, she declared, "Mommy, I'm going to have a colouring recital."  When her mother, Sarah Martin, asked her what a colouring recital was, Naomi's response was simple.  "A colouring recital is where everyone can come and see how good I can colour."  Her mother dismissed the idea as cute, but over the next several months, Naomi and her 5 year-old sister, Abigail had it all figured out.

MCC water project assists 10,000 Iraqi families affected by ISIS

MCC is funding an emergency water project for 10,000 families in the Iraqi town of Qayyara and the surrounding area after residents were liberated from ISIS in August 2016.

For two years, the people of Qayyara had suffered under the rule of the Islamic militant group, which stole houses and possessions, enforced a strict dress code, restricted access to the outside world and imprisoned, tortured or killed those who violated their laws or opposed their rule.

However, gaining freedom also had its costs.

New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale Fundraising Dinner

Enjoy a delicious dinner in support of Mennonite Central Committee and hear from Rachelle Friessen, former Peace Coordinator for MCC in Palestine and Israel. Rachelle will be speaking about justice and peace and her experiences in Palestine and Israel.

Reserve your seat today by calling 519-745-8458 or dropping by MCC Ontario's office at 203-50 Kent Avenue, Kitchener.

Tickets $10 each.

All proceeds directed to the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale in support of MCC.

MCC partners assist survivors of flooding in North Korea

MCC’s partners in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), also known as North Korea, are working to provide relief assistance for the hundreds of thousands of people affected by flooding and landslides in the isolated country.

From Aug. 28 to Sept. 2, heavy rains caused by Typhoon Lionrock pounded the northeast part of DPRK, causing flooding and landslides in six counties of Hamgyong province. According to the United Nations, 138 people were killed, more than 100,000 were originally displaced and 600,000 people are in need of assistance.