For MCC, peace is more than a wish. It’s our work. Peace is the foundation of all we do.

We also know that peace means something different to each person. For some peace is having a safe place to call home. For some peace is receiving emergency supplies after a disaster. For some peace can mean healing from trauma, or building strong communities to prevent violence.

How would you finish this sentence? "To me, peace is _____.”

Submit your ideas in the tool below. Your response can be text only, but we also welcome photo and video submissions that showcase what peace looks like in your life! It can be an idea, a memory, a poem or just a few words. You can also browse the submissions for inspiration. In a few months, we'll collect your answers and turn them into a mural that celebrates the beauty of peace in action.

If you are unsure of how to submit, read our how-to guide and check out our content guidelines before submitting.

We look forward to seeing what peace means to you!