Thank you for your generous gift of hygiene supplies. Your relief kit is on the move to help people affected by disasters and conflict. 

Your relief kit is on the move

Thank you for packing a relief kit. Your generous gift is on the way to help those in need.

Relief kits recently brought comfort and safety to people in Haiti. 

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed homes and buildings this August, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in need of help. But thanks to kind people like you, those affected have access to hygiene supplies as they rebuild their lives. 

A plane full of relief kits was the first help to reach several towns in the Saint-Jean-de-Sud area. Fifty of the most vulnerable families received relief kits full of crucial supplies to keep them healthy and offer comfort. 

“We've felt very alone these last days waiting after the earthquake, hoping someone would come, hoping someone would not forget us,” one woman told MCC staff at the distribution. “Thank you for not leaving us alone.” 

And that generosity has sparked further compassion. MCC staff reported that people are doing what they can to help their neighbours by beginning to rebuild and patching houses that can be repaired. 

MCC is sending two more shipments of relief kits to Haiti over the next few weeks. 

This wouldn't be possible without people like you. Thank you again for your generosity.