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Intersections: MCC theory and practice quarterly

Community-led advocacy (PDF)

Spring 2014
Volume 2, Number 2
Compiled by Anna Vogt, Rebekah Sears and Nate Howard

Legacies of colonialism (PDF)

Winter 2014
Volume 2, Number 1
Compiled by Valentina Satvedi

Restorative Justice (PDF)

Fall 2013
Volume 1, Number 4
Compiled by Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz and Stephan Siemens

Gender-based violence (PDF)

Summer 2013
Volume 1, Number 3
Compiled by Beth Good

People on the move (PDF)

Spring 2013
Volume 1, Number 2
Compiled by Adrienne Wiebe

Where is the peace? (PDF)

Winter 2013
Volume 1, Number 1
Compiled by Krista Johnson